school 2011

The aim with The Cultural Summershool is to offer a meaningful, healthy and fun program for the youth of St Patrick during their summer vacation. With want to learn simple exercises, tools and techniques 

We want to support children in their physical and mental development. We want to create a program that address areas like Self Knowledge & Self Confidence, Historical & Cultural identity, Ecological responsibility and Physical Activity. We believe that in order to be well prepared for the future you will need self confidence, a strong body and a sharp brain. 

The next generation will need a better understanding of how we are all a part of a vulnerable ecosystem that we have to take good care of. That means for instance knowledge about recycling and ecological farming.


To foster self knowledge and self confidence we all need a good understanding of our history and our cultural roots. We think the children will benefit from knowing more about who their ancestors were – how they got here and from where.

To be a good citizen and a positive leader as an adult, the children will need a healthy life style – both physically and mentally. We want to teach the children how to take good care of their hearts, their brains and their souls. Its knowledge about eating healthy and the importance of physical exercise. Its about improving the ability to cope with stress, regulate feelings and controlling your behaviour in different situations that you encounter. Its about how you could improve your ability to concentrate and focus, to be empathic and compassionate toward yourself and others.

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