The Eco Art Ranch, is situated a couple of miles south of Sauteurs, St Patrick, Grenada. Standing upstairs at the bar in what used to be the Night Club, you can see Leaping Hill on your left hand side, when looking straight to the north. Da Ranch is today a learning centre, a retreat place and a multi-culture-exchange-site.

The owner, miss Gertrude Baptist, started to build on the land that her father left her and created the Night Club: “Da Ranch”. The Club prospered shortly before it was struck by the Hurricane Ivan on the 8th of September 2004. Ivan struck as a Category 4 hurricane and caused 90 percent of the homes on Grenada to be damaged or destroyed. The nutmeg tree, Grenada’s pride and main income source, was totally destroyed and the country still strives to recover from that loss.


Miss Gertrude, or rather Trudi as everybody calls her, is not a lady who gives up easy. She went back to London and worked hard in the restaurant business, gathered founds and piece by piece she started to reconstruct her project. But It didn’t take to long before the forces of Mother Nature stroke again, in July 2005 the area got hit by the Hurricane Emily. Emily struck the northern part of the island, causing an estimated USD $110 million worth of damage. At Da Ranch, the roof and all the woodwork was thorn to pieces, and once again Miss Trudi had to face her lifework devastated.

But the Grenadian people are tough, and Trudi Baptiste sure is among the toughest. Once again she went back to England, strapped on her apron and started to cook again. Working hard, saving every penny. And the days flow by. But now things are starting to sprout again up at Da Ranch. Its recovering, Its transforming, reforming, its under reconstruction.


1982 I (Hans Blücher) worked as a seller in a shoe shop on Oxford Street in London and there I became friend and colleague with Miss Trudi. After I moved back to Sweden in the early 1980ties we managed to keep some sporadic contact until 2006 when some events led us to intensify our communication again. It became clear for me that miss Baptist had a project under development that fitted like hand in glove what I was searching for my self. Me and my wife Anki who is a yoga teacher, was looking for the right spot to create a health hotel and recovery centre and it appeared that miss Baptist had that possibility just waiting to be developed.

So here we are now, The Mindfulbees (Hans & Anki)  in Sweden and Trudi in Grenada, all working hard to create the needed founds to lambaste the project. We are now in the process of merging our different visions and ideas into something greate and beautiful. It’s a continuing process, and the project will most certainly amount in to different directions in the future. The picture on the right is from Mindfulbees voluntary work camp at The Eco art Ranch 2010. 

© Hans Blücher 2013