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As a way of raising funds for the creation of the centre we arranged a Volunteer Work camp in the summer of 2010. We also arranged a Summer School for children 5-18 with yoga, mindfulness and psychology.  

2015 we plan to arrange our next volunteer project: "The Youth Cultural Summer School with The Mindfulbees". You can read more about it under the "Comming Projects" section. 

We are now in the process of finishing our first phase of our project and we are in desperate need of financial and practical support. We try to race contributions that will cover some of the building material, equipment, tools and labour at a cost of 116.000 ECD. 

In order to complete the education centre ”The Eco Art Ranch” we are in desperate need of economical and practical assistance. We constantly work on different strategies to raise funds and we invest as much as we can manage on our own. As we describe in this report we arrange different support events in Sweden. Never the less our resources are limited and we there by ask you for help. 

We hope that you and others will support this project since we are convinced that it will be beneficial to the people in St Patrick in several ways. Our project is planned in two steps. In the first phase we will focus on completing the top floor where we will locate our conference facilities. In the next phase we will construct a building for accommodation. If you want to support us, don't hesitate send us a message.

Ms Gertrude Baptiste will be present at "The Eco Art Ranch" and you are most welcome to visit her there: 

418284 3848367202699 62979477 n

Ms Gertrude Baptiste

The Eco Art Ranch

Snell Hall St. Patrick

Phone: 538 7172

Or you are most welcome to contact Mr Hans Blücher, supervisor of the support team: 

Hans Blücher

Bjorcksgatan 36

416 52 Gothenburg


E-mail: use the form

Phone: +011 +46 31 252761

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