Our Vision

Grenada 2010 207

Mindfulbees is a company that is dedicated to support the project “The Eco Art Ranch”, an establishment for education, cultural events and eco-tourism in Snell Hall St: Patrick.

”The Eco Art Ranch” and the land where it’s located is owned by Ms. Gertrude Baptiste. The establishment was badly afflicted by the two hurricanes, Ivan and Emily 2004-2005. Since then we have strived to raise funds for the restoration of the buildings in order to turn the old nightclub into an education centre.

 ”The Eco Art Ranch” offer our visitors education programs in a variety off different subjects like organizational development, leadership and stress management. Furthermore the centre welcomes local organisations and companies to rent the facilities for conferences, educational purposes and different cultural events. In Europe and North America there is a growing interest for our type of education programs and in Sweden we are frequently engaged. The recent trend in the travel- and tourist industry points toward a growing involvement in ecotourism and experience based programs. The travellers are no longer contented to just sit aside a hotel pool, dining and shopping. The modern traveller wants to explore the nature, interact with the genuine culture and learn something new.


More and more travel agencies arrange travels that are combining exotic environments with different themes: yoga retreats, health travels, spirituality and trekking are popular varieties. Grenada and particularly the St: Patrick area, with its relaxed pace and its breathtaking nature makes a perfect setting for our education programs and retreats. We are certain that our attendants get even more out of our programs when they have the opportunity to receive their training in this environment. We find the nature, the Culture and the climate to be healthy. We also found the people of Grenada to be very friendly and open minded towards visitors and there is a lot to discover in the area. We are certain that St. Patrick in the future will be a well-visited area, especially for eco tourists and health travelers and there are a lot of opportunities and potentialities yet to be developed.


Our visitors participates in well planned education programs, they are served healthy food from local producers and tour the area of St: Patrick. The people we address will create job opportunities and contribute to the wealth of local enterprises. From what we discovered from our last visit to the area, there might be some need for further development of products and services in order to meet up with a growing need. We think that we will have a lot to offer when it comes to the development of the tourist sector in St: Patrick and we will be happy to assist the local entrepreneurs in different ways. We could offer education and consultation related to service and choice of stock.

The project “The Eco Art Ranch” addresses both tourists as the local community of St: Patrick. We strongly believe that local organizations and groups could be in great use of our facility and we want to invite them to take part in different forms of collaboration and joint ventures. We further believe that the economical and cultural development of the area could benefit from this creation of a marketplace and a meeting point for culture, tourism and education.

Exactly how these collaborations will emerge in the future needs to be discussed and manifested through a constant interaction with different spokesmen from the local community. 

© Hans Blücher 2013