• Physical Exercise: Yoga training and sports like basketball, football and running.
  • Psychology: Knowledge about the brain and how to train its different functions. Self knowledge & self confidence. How to set goals and get there!
  • Me and my History: Historical lessons about Grenada, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. How the different people got to Grenada. Why and how they came.
  • Ecological Knowledge: Learn more about the Grenada fauna and what could do in order to make it last. Keep Grenada Clean – Recycling, Ecological lifestyle.
  • African Drum Workshop: Make your own drum and learn the basics in drumming.
  • Dance Class: African and Caribbean dance.
  • Mathematics: A fun game play with with figures and numbers.
  • Drama and Writing Workshop: Write your own plays and poems.


Daily Schedule

  • This program will run from 9 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday to Friday for two weeks.


  • The attendants will get a small fruity snack in the morning and a hot lunch at 12:00.

Check out for more news and changes. If you want to join the crew - use the Contactform and send us an e-mail!

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