Sister Shirley On Agriculture Culture


Sister Shirley aren’t no bourgeois,

She going to college, she mud up, she mud up

She going to college to get her degree,

To get her degree in biology

To my great surprised

When I open my eyes

Ah see Sister Shirley looking fat like ah steam down dumpling.

How she got in not so she came out

Somebody gave her an honouree

With ah human hand broach and a set of disappears

Everybody asking who the father is

It couldn’t be the principal master

Because he just came in as a young Casanova

It couldn’t be the old gang buster, cause they all in prison for abusing a daughter.

The words get around to the village hut and poor sister Shirley got very hurt.

Her mother gave her the matching sign, with her blouse and skit wrapped up in ah bundle,


Poor sister Shirley now is running wild in the jungle

When Sister Shirley was going to college.

She was cutting style like ah new designer,

Nobody know carpentry Joe was here father,

No body know the local fish monger was her mother

Now Sister Shirley is running wild in the jungle

Everybody knows that she mud up, she mud up.

And all the old folks the keep on gossiping

What she going to do now.

And all the children they jump and singing

Underneath the coca, underneath the coca

For she, with her basket on her head.

And her cutlass in her hand,

Cutting the sugar cane,

Cutting the banana

Picking up the nutmegs

Juking the coca

Cracking open the coca

Underneath the coca,

Underneath the coca, underneath the coca for she.


© Hans Blücher 2013