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The Mindfulbees is my friends, colleagues & supporters. Summer 2010 they organized a volunteer project at The Eco Art Ranch. A whole group of Mindfulbees flew all the way from Sweden to work at The Ranch. In collaboration with The Catholic Church of Sauteurs they organized a summer shool for the youth with psychology, mindfulness and yoga! Check out the promotion video! Music by I-Free. Scroll further down for more info about The Mindfulbees.


Mindfulbees is a company that offers education programs and individual coaching in Sweden and Grenada. Mindfulbees consist of: Hans Blucher, Anki Widenberg Blucher & Gertrude Baptiste. Mindfulbees want to support the development of local enterprises, cultural projects and the tourist industry in St: Patrick, and mainly the project “The Eco Art Ranch” in it self.  “The Eco Art Ranch” will offer a facility for the people of St: Patrick where local business and cultural organizations could meet up in different projects.


Mindfulbees want to do this since we hope to be able to work on the project in the future and thereby be able to spend time in a place and an area that we have grown much found of. All the work we do in Sweden will be for the benefit of this project. As soon as the centre is in working condition and ready to receive guests we will offer our education programs on these premises. We will support ”The Eco Art Ranch” by arranging different education programs and retreats in Sweden in order to race money to invest in the project. It’s our hope that we through these activities could gather capital to buy construction material and hire labor. We will also arrange a Volunteer Work Camp at “The Ranch” in July 2010.


Hans Blucher has worked as a Psychologist for 15 years. The last six years he has mainly worked at Alviva AB with assignments like: Individual therapeutic treatment, Coaching, assessment of the psychosocial work environment, stress management, teambuilding and different kind of leadership education programs. Alviva AB is a company that offers occupational health services mainly to large or medium sized companies and organizations. Among Aviva’s customers you find companies like Volvo and Ericson. Hans Bluchers’ expertise is in the field of stress management where he meets individuals and groups in different forms of assessment, coaching and education programs. Hans also have supplementary training in coaching and recently received training as a Mindfulness Instructor for Dr Ola Schenström. Ms. Anki Widenberg works as a teacher with children at a day care center and as a yoga teacher and Gertrude Baptiste is the manager and owner of “The Eco Art Ranch” and also its chef.

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