Collaboration with the local community and local organizations

We want to bring together teachers/youth leaders from Europe and Grenada for a summer camp for children age 5-20. Approximately 40-60 children and 15-20 voluntary workers (teachers). This project will be a joint venture between Mindfulbees, schools and churches of the local community of St. Patrick's. Together we will recruit voluntary workers both from Grenada and Europe.

Teachers/leaders will meet for at 2 day seminar for planning, organizing and outlining the details of the different subjects. This seminar will take place on The Ranch the week before the Summer School starts. Mindfulbees will arrange this seminar.



We welcome all the help we can get from any organisation, municipal government, company or private sponsor interested in supporting third world development and especially children's development. We will contact local as well as international organisations and ask for assistance. Examples of possible organisations could be UNISEF, Save the Children and WHO

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